Noida rehabilitation department RTI reply

In an RTI filed by Yuva Foundation, it has been revealed that there is no separate department for slum rehabilitation in Noida Authority. It only exists on an ad-hoc and provisional basis when other departments of the authority such as water department, civil works department and financial department are allocated duties of rehabilitation as and when the need arises.

It has also been revealed that only the slums that were a part of the slum survey conducted by the Noida Authority would be entitled to rehabilitation. In 2008-09 a survey was conducted by the Authority in various slums of Noida to estimate the number of people living in slums. The survey included slums in sectors 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10. However the slums in sectors 16, 17, 18 and other sectors were not a part of the survey.

Dr. M. Dixit who lives in sector 18 demanded the authority to include them also in their survey so that even they could benefit from the services being provided to other slums as part of the rehabilitation programme. However Noida Authority rejected their plea on the pretext of including them in the next survey which has not been conducted till date. “We are living in the worst possible condition of all the slums. We live near a drainage which has become a breeding ground for mosquitos and flies, making us prone to life threatening diseases like dengue and typhoid” complains Dixit. He also criticized the authority for not providing them with any health facility or clean supply of water. The only medical services available to them are in the form of free medicines provided by Smile Foundation. However Dixit reiterates his demand for a better standard of living and vows to continue his fight against Noida Authority.

Another startling fact is that Noida Authority has failed to implement their rehabilitation scheme even for the people who were included in their survey. The Times of India reported that Noida JJ Sanyukt Punarwas Manch- an association of slum-dwellers held a protest in front of the office of Noida Authority alleging that the list of allottees issued by the authority included many fake names and non-applicants. They claimed that around 3500 families had been listed by the Authority for flats in sector 122 whereas the actual number is much higher. Thy alleged that the scheme has been launched to benefit a few influential individuals and demanded that strict action must be taken against those who were involved in misappropriation of flats.

According to Shri Rohtash Sharma another resident of Nithari village in Noida, the Noida Authority till date has not done proper rehabilitation of farmers. He alleges that the Authority has taken away the land of the farmers and given it to other people living in sectors at cheaper rates. ”Now the authority is giving land to farmers at the same circle rate as any other common man. Where is the kissan quota? asks Sharma ruefully.